Healing with Horses Therapy Session


Healing with Horses Therapy Session
Looking for a very special, one-to-one therapy session with one of our horses?


Healing with Horses Therapy Session
Enjoy a one-to-one “healing with horses therapy session” from our gorgeous horses in our beautiful safe and relaxing sanctuary in the Worcestershire countryside.
There is no riding. Everything is experienced on the ground where you will connect with one (or more) of our horses and have an uplifting, nurturing, enriching and healing experience with them.
These sessions are great for anyone who needs support with anything as they journey through life.
They also make a wonderful gift.
Horses are great at reading us! And literally sensing what we need and offering us love and support. It can be simple and subtle and profound at the same time as they offer love and compassion to assist us.
You will not do this alone. You will have one of our team with you supporting you as you interact with one (or more) of our beautiful healing horses and experience their magical presence and love.
This is a great way to fundraise for our gorgeous 17 rescued horses and ponies AND receive a beautiful enriching healing session from them in the process.
Experience the magic of horses helping us heal by booking a session with us.
Duration: 60-80 minutes
Price: £55
Strictly advance bookings only. Once you buy the healing session we will email you to arrange a date and time and give you our address.
With love,
The Healing Horse Sanctuary Xx


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