Welcome to The Healing Horse Sanctuary

We are a heart centred charity showing a new way of being for humans and animals.

We promote love, freedom, honesty, kindness, friendship, partnership and community where we all work together for the greater good of all.

Here is our mission statement:- To create and maintain a safe and sacred sanctuary for all the equines that we rescue. To provide and educate all in the kindness, respect and understanding of all animals. Learning together and growing together.

To be pioneers in the education of the variety of natural healing and communication modalities. To assist all equines as they are rescued and rehabilitated. Turning neglect and suffering into love, healing and recovery.

To provide and promote equine therapy for children and adults with various physical, emotional or mental health issues to aid their transformation. To offer and provide opportunities to learn about the equines in our care and practise a variety of natural healing techniques and approaches within a loving, safe space through workshops and training courses.

To help our world be a kinder, safer and more loving place for animals where they are more fully understood and respected for the magnificent beings they are. To create a lasting legacy with a heart centered community that is driven by truth, honour, love, kindness, healing and co-operation, based on a foundation of respect for all life.

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