Welcome from Sue Gessey

Welcome from Sue Animal Healing Trust

This all started with an interesting chain of events... my beloved dog Hooch led me to volunteer at a horse rescue doing Reiki on the horses. When it closed down I took on Billy and Daisy who lived literally at the bottom of my garden for a while!

I did Reiki treatments on lots of animals and became well known in the Midlands, so people approached me to help or to rescue horses, others had given up on, which led me to start the Animal Healing Trust & Horse Rescue Charity officially in July 2008 and have since then rescued many horses and ponies. Thankfully we have always been able to help these beautiful animals to be free, live in herds and have LOTS of LOVE!

The Horses at the Sanctuary have been able to communicate with me, share their knowledge and their desire is for me to share with You,so you can knowingly Care for Your Horse in the way they are destined to be cared for This knowledge and the Code of Communication will also assist all those who want to holistically care for their Animals and Pets.

Welcome from Billy and Daisy

Welcome from Billy and Daisy Animal Healing Trust

Welcome to this Sanctuary that we have created, we trust you will feel the peace, love and tranquillity that surround us each day. Sue and I would like to welcome you to meet all of the horses here at the Sanctuary, get to know them and love them for who they are. I used to be a racing horse but I didn’t like it. I found it too pressurised and too harsh. I wasn’t able to be myself and share my wisdom. People didn’t understand there were some things I just couldn’t do. Since I met Sue, my life has changed. She stopped a lady from hitting me and promised me in that moment that no human would ever hit me again. She took me into her heart and I took her into mine – we had known each other before for sure and I know we had reconnected to start something wonderful.

Love Billy Co-founder x

Sue placed her hands on me and gave me healing as I was depressed. As she did so I communicated to her that I felt lonely and unloved. Sue heard my voice and she was shocked and questioned my communication. I spoke! – She heard me and our relationship began at a deeper level than we had both known before between horse and human.

Our lives have changed so much since we first met and I am able to fulfil my destiny of healing others, communicating with others, protecting others and working from my heart. I am a healing horse.

Love Daisy Co-founder x